Support our educational institutions for leadership and excellence in higher education and scientific research at the regional and international levels.



The International Cooperation Office at the University of Benghazi makes every effort to support the overall mission of the university and its goals. We, in ICO, are entrusted with assisting the international standing of the university through the development of linkages with educational institutions around the world. We assist the university to provide international learning opportunities so that students may be productive community members who are adept in multicultural environments. Such knowledge and skills are acquired when study abroad is incorporated into our educational programs. Additionally, we make a positive contribution to the advancement of Benghazi University by preparing graduates for future leadership, providing quality education that meets international standards, developing scientific research in areas strategic to the nation, and collaborating effectively with other organizations abroad to promote knowledge in our university.




The office is bound to carry out a number of co-operation tasks among various sides, in particular the faculties' coordinators, faculties' deans, and international institutions in order to link the university faculties' departments with their counterparts abroad.  In addition, the ministry has its conception of establishing the international co-operation office at Libyan universities having the following aims:

1. Prepare and follow up the cultural and educational memorandums of understanding and agreements between the university and its international counterparts.

2.  Make the necessary arrangements for the university representatives to participate in international occasions and for having the university's guests.

3.     Communicate with regional and international educational and research organizations for the university to take part in their different activities.

4.  Arrange and supervise conferences, workshops, training programs, meetings and exhibitions held at the university and attended by delegates coming from abroad to promote the university’s role in transferring knowledge and skills to serve the society.

5.   Form joint committees of academic staff members in our educational institutions and their counterparts in universities abroad to supervise MA and PhD candidates.

6.   Assist the Teaching Staff Member Administration at the University of Benghazi to recruit foreign teaching staff members.

7.     Pursue, with the legal departments in country, the matters and cases claimed by foreign parties against the university.

8.     Assist the development of university linkages with its international partnerships to enhance academic programs and exchange research experience.

9. Coordinate and support visiting study abroad and exchange students to exchange goals as well as helping current university students with their study abroad.

10.  Arrange workshops, seminars and conferences to publicize the concepts and culture of international coordination activities among the university staff members and researchers to foster and support innovation, initiative, excellence and striving for international best practice.

11.  Communicate and keep in connection with the UNESCO representative in Libya to benefit from any education and training programs offered and funded by the UN.